Located at New Baneswor, Kathmandu, Raj Foundation is entirely non-profit, non government organization established in 2070 B.S. with a mandate to provide more effectively the social and community services thus serving the nation for the establishment of civilized and moral society ; to serve persons and to develop new programs that serve the needs of the community....

About Us


Purna Bahadur Rai

Contact:- 9851020787
Email:- md@rajoverseas.com

Our foundation is a non-profit organization working in the social and community service sector. The main role here the organization is to help and improve the society and community by helping them in need, serving the victims of natural disaster and other uncertain moments.

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Dhurba Raj Pokhrel

Contact:- 9851040017
Email:- director@rajoverseas.com

Being the vice president of Raj Foundation, I am glad to say that the field our organization is working on is fully social and community services and we do not work for the profit motive. The work environment in our organization is best in my view.

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Yam Prasad Dhital

Contact:- 9851004352

First of all, I would like to thank team members of the foundation because they have been working in a harmonic way and they are very active in the work for the welfare of the society. I am glad to have such an energetic and hard-working members of our team.

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Our vision

The organization vision is to build inclusive and healthy partnerships and supports and empowers people to be

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Our Mission

The mission of the organization is to focus on the education sector and to work with individuals

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Dont Educate Children To Be Rich

Educate Them To Be Happy

We Cannot Stop Natural Disasters :

But We Can Arm Ourselves With Knowledge

Our Causes

Helps victim of Natural Disaster

The organization provides awareness for the earthquake victim and other society people and gives the lesson on how to be safe before and after the earthquake. Also, the foundation imparts the services clothes, foods and medicine to the victim of earthquake.

Awareness for Education

The organization is mainly linchpin for the awareness to the youth that seek for the career development. Organization also focuses on the educating the students about the adverse effect of natural disaster and how to be guard the situation.

Community Welfare

The organization collaborates with the members of the society and helps to manage the community values and helps to preserve the culture and tradition prevailing in the society. It gives priority to preserve the social values and tradition.

About the Natural Disaster

Along with providing the food, clothes and first aid to the victim of the natural disaster like flood, landslides, earthquake, it alerts the people that are not suffered from the natural calamities.